Remote voicemail access and editing

Simply dial 121 for remote access to your SipTalk voicemail account. This allows you to make changes to your voicemail including the ability to record new messages, etc.

Incoming caller ID

Want to see who is calling you? Incoming caller ID comes as standard

Outgoing caller ID

Want your name or number to come up when you call someone? Don't worry, we offer that too.

  • Outgoing caller ID, supports CID passthrough (specified by remote device)
    CID passthrough is a fancy way of saying you can control the caller id when you are diverting calls to your VoIP account. For example, if you were absent from work and were diverting your calls to your home VoIP account, when a call came from someone to your work phone that gets diverted, the caller id will read that person's number and not "work". Basically it cuts the middle man out to make life easier for you!

Call diversion (configurable per DID)

Going to be on holiday or out and about and need your calls diverted? No problems, you can organise all of that through the user portal.

Call routing to SIP accounts

This just means you can divert your calls to another SIP or IAX account.

Instant call detail record (CDR) updates – data available as soon as call hangs up

  • Full call detail record retention
  • Account code tagging for billing
  • Duration, billable duration, on-net call tagging, IP logging

Wish you had a record of who called you on what time on what day? No problem, our service will keep all of those details for you.

Music on hold (royalty free music included)

One of our brand new features is the availability of music on hold. Your friends can bop along to the royalty free tunes while they wait on hold.

Voicemail to email (WAV file)

Voicemail to email is a handy feature where an audio file of your voicemail, can be send to the email address of your choice.

Call recording

Heard something important but can't remember the details? Don't stress, call recording can be turned on to give you a complete audio history of all of your calls.

Diversion source tracking and logging

If a call is diverted, the source, diverted number and destination number are logged for your convenience.

NAT support (can be configured per account)

Allows connection of devices behind security firewalls.

Multi-way conferencing

Want to have a group chat with all of your friends? SipTalk supports multi-way conferencing for all your conference call needs.

Codec support

What's a codec? Don't worry it just means our SipTalk service will work with almost any SIP enabled device.

  • G711U (Ulaw)
  • G711A (Alaw)
  • G729
  • G722
  • GSM