1300 and 1800 numbers are inbound only numbers. 1300 numbers are generally a fixed price per call for the caller and 1800 numbers are generally free to call, depending on the callers carrier pricing.


1300/1800 numbers can be configured to use all the PABX functionality that is available in the platform.

Eg; Queues, Auto Attendant, Time Rules, Voicemail and more.


There is a monthly rental cost of $9.90 per number for 1300 numbers and $16.50 for 1800 numbers, there are also inbound call costs.

Calls answered at a voip extension: 7.7c/minute
Call forwarded to a fixed line: 11c/minute
Call forwarded to a mobile: 22c/minute


You can signup and look around the platform without paying anything up front. You will need to add credit though before you can add a number.

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