What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is the new way to make and receive phone calls. VoIP sends your voice over the internet rather than through the standard telephone network therefore allowing for significantly reduced call rates.
Do I need to have a phone line?
You need an internet connection to connect to and use our voip service.
Can I use a normal telephone? What type of telephone can I use?
Yes you can! Any normal telephone can be used, if you use a VoIP device.
Do I need to have the computer turned on to make a call?
No. Your computer can be switched off. However, you will need to leave your modem or router on to make and receive calls.
Do you provide a Softphone?
No, you can use any voip device or softphone with our service.
Can I dial 000?
Calls to emergency services will be affected when the power is out or the Internet is down. SipTalk recommends you have an alternative phone service in case of emergency calls such as a mobile.
Does my 000 information show up correctly?
Due to the nature of VoIP, emergency service operators will not be able to identify your physical location so you will need to inform them.
Do I receive an incoming Caller ID?
Yes, SipTalk provides full incoming Caller IDentification (ID) on all accounts. As long as the person that calls you has an outbound Caller ID you will see it on your handset as soon as it rings. This is a free SipTalk service and there is no charge for inbound Caller ID.
Can I send a Fax over the SipTalk network?
Officially, any and all forms of data calls over voice over internet protocol (IP) cannot and will not be supported by SipTalk due to the technical limitations of voice over IP. That said, some customers have been able to get data calls, such as faxing to work using a combination of settings changes on the device (in the case of fax, mostly related to error-correction), and setting their CODEC to ALAW or ULAW. The codecs stated are a form of lossless compression, and are most likely to work, however as stated cannot be guaranteed. For Internet-based faxing, we recommend using a dedicated fax-to-email service.
Can I bring my own VoIP device to use with SipTalk?
Yes you can.
Will my current set-up work with SipTalk?
A large majority of standard broadband set-ups will work with SipTalk.
What codecs do SipTalk support? Which is the best quality? Which suits my Internet speed?

Internet Low Bitrate Codec (iLBC), High-complexity speech codec that is suitable for robust voice communication over IP. iLBC has built-in error correction functionality that helps the codec perform in networks with a high-packet loss.

Codec quality:
  • G729 - Low-bandwidth, good for small/medium connections, supported by most devices (licence required for asterisk)
  • GSM - Low-bandwidth codec, slightly better quality than G729; not supported by all devices
  • G.722 – HD, High Bandwidth codec, this produces the best results
  • ULAW (G711u) - High Bandwidth codec, but gives good quality for high-speed connections
  • ALAW (G711a)

Recommended speed for codec:
  • 1500/256 or Higher = G.722, G.711u or G729
  • 512/128 = G729 or ULAW (If your connection is of good quality)
  • 256/64 = GSM or G729

Note: If you are on a higher speed you can use the lower speed codecs. This will allow you to make more simultaneous calls.
How do I setup voicemail?

Log in to your account, go to Settings-General Settings-Voicemail, input your email address and create a PIN to access your voicemails and voila, your voicemail is activated. For more options dial 121 and input your PIN.

Where do I go for support?

Please email support@siptalk.com.au or call us on 131 454

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept the following forms of payment:
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Pay ID Payments
How long does it take before my payment is processed?
  • PayPal, Credit Card: Payment will go through immediately
  • Pay ID: 1 - 3 business days
  • Credit Card: When using a credit card to make a payment you will need to follow the steps and complete the verification process. Once you have entered your details you will be provided with the following options:
    • VERIFY NOW: Verify the nominal amount that has been charged to your nominated credit card. You can check your bank statement or your online credit card statements for this amount. Please note you will have been charged by Siptalk Pty Ltd. Payment will then be approved immediately.
    • VERIFY LATER: You will receive a credit card verification email with an attached link. If you choose to verify at a later date, you will be able to access the SipTalk portal but will be unable to use our VoIP service. To verify at a later date login to the portal and click on the blue toolbar. You will then be asked to confirm your verification amount. Please note that at this stage you have only been charged the verification amount and will still need to confirm your SipTalk order.
    • SKIP VERIFICATION: If you decide to skip the verification process, a new window will open and you will be able to select an alternative payment method. To receive a refund of your small verification amount please contact support@siptalk.com.au
Can I port my number in?
You can port your number in to us from any provider, yes. There will be an porting fee of $22.00
Will my Internationally dialling be activated?
Yes, you can enable international dialling in the portal once logged in.
Can I change between plans?
Yes, login in to your user portal through the SipTalk website and you will be able to select the new plan you wish to change to. Please note the change will come into effect at your next billing cycle.
Where do I find my username and password to set up my modem?
You will find your username and password in the account settings section of the user portal. Simply login through the SipTalk website.
How much does it cost to have a DID?

DIDs can be purchased at any time. You can request a new DID through the user portal and the payment will be charged immediately from your SipTalk balance.

How will I be billed by SipTalk?
Your bill is charged on the same date each month based on the date of your account registration (for example 11th May, 11th June, 11th July etc). The minimum monthly charge will be charged in advance for the next billing period. You will also be charged for the calls made outside of the included calls. These amounts will be deducted immediately from the balance of your account. If you do not make your monthly payment or if there is insufficient funds in your account you will be downgraded to a PAYG plan and your DID will be disabled. If there is insufficient funds in your account calls will not be able to be made. If you have switched plans during a billing cycle, your bill may include pro rata charges for part of the month.
Can someone else make enquiries regarding my account on my behalf?
Not unless you have given permission for that person to be an authorised contact on your account. You will need to contact our Customer Service Department on 131 454 to request an authorised contact person be added to your account. You will need their full name and date of birth for verification purposes.