An IVR (Auto Attendant) is a feature that presents your caller with keypress options and allows you to route incoming calls to different departments or locations depending on the key the caller presses.

Billed Daily

IVR services are billed daily at $0.1807/day.

Daily billing allows you to use the service for short periods of time if testing new features or configuration options.

Caching Keypress cache

You can set the caching option if you want to remember the last keypress of a caller, so they don't need to press the keys again they just get sent straight through to their previous selection.

Ideal for location based cascading of IVRs.

Usage Options

You can select an IVR as a profile option when configuring a DID or 1300/1800 number in the portal.

IVRs can be cascaded to allow multi level keypress routing functionality to your callers.

Portal Screenshots