Our hosted PABX functionality can be managed online and most of the features are included at no cost.

What Is It

Hosted PABX is a term used to describe a platform that provides PABX functionality to remotely connected handsets without the need for an onsite phone system.

How It Works

All the PABX functionality is hosted in the cloud on our platform. You can connect directly to it with SIP capable handsets, devices or apps.

Extensions are the connectors that join your devices to our platform, you can then configure the features to route calls into those extensions as required.

You need a good quality internet connection to ensure good quality calls, if you are on the NBN you shouldn't have any quality issues.

Do I Need It

The real beauty of Hosted PABX is the flexibility, you can use a little or a lot of the functionality.

We don't charge you for being connected and also don't charge for the majority of the features so you can connect up with a single device that makes and receives calls if that's all you need.